Naat is a Persian name of a verse that is said in recognition of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Naat is Islamic poetry to praise and honor Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him. Due to the respect in the content Naats are some sometimes called Naat e Sherif, Naat e Mubarak , Naat e Pak etc. All these roughly translates to Noble Naat, Holy Naat Nasheed and Naats go hand in hand. While in the strict sense Naat is in the honor of the Prophet ( SAWS), Nasheeds ( there are other variations such as Nasyid) are singing based on Islam. It will cover a wide spectrum of Islamic teachings, history etc. Sometimes Nasheed is used refer to Naat. Naats are obviously very popular in Islamic countries such as Pakistani Naat mp3 However, Urdu and Arabic Naats are even popular. Many Islamic website like zikraynabi.com offer facility to get naat mp3 download free. This website also offer Qawwali Mp3 Download
Origin of Naat Even during the life time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), his companions would love to praise his honor. This had even gone to the level that Prophet himself had asked his beloved companions to follow moderation in praising him. The origin of Naat should be from that time. Even though it is very difficult to trace back the authenticity, many of the companions are believed to have come up with their own Naats. SufiSaints have a list of companions ( Sahaba ) who have compiled Naats.