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Story of the CEO & Founder of ZikrayNabi.com

Asslam O Alaikum,

Click sme My name is Gulraiz Ahmed, I live in Lahore, Pakistan and by profession I am a software engineer currently I am working in a Bank. I am the founder of this beautiful and most liked website Mashallah ( you could read people comments in our guest book) I am writing first time about myself and story of ZikrayNabi.com website.

I was 25 year old when I launched this website, I am not any Islamic scholar or religious person I am a simple Muslim and I have limited knowledge,I just follow the Quran and Sunah. ( May Allah accept my this effort and forgive me)

Well... five years back I got an idea to launch such website where Muslims could find the best Islamic content, collection of naats and useful videos. I started working on it with help of my wife. During the development of this Islamic portal my father died than I decided to dedicate this website to my lovely father. Believe me I feel very good when people send me prayers for my late father ( you could read in our guest book).

It was very difficult in the beginning to bear the expense of website server and other costs; I did not give up and continued working on it, gradually ALLAH subhantalah gave me success personally and professionally. Now I can afford its expenses.

Alhamdulillah now we have more than 28 thousand registered members from all over the world especially from India and millions of daily visitors round the globe.

Due to my busy schedule, my wife updates this website regularly. She is also web designer. Our mission is to spread knowledge of Islam and Islamic content to all over the world, may ALLAH accept our this effort. I need your support please keep visiting this website and share with others.

Keep sending us your suggestions and write something in our guest book. You can email us at the following emails


Gulraiz Ahmed,

Noshi Gulraiz,