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Naat sharif
Fiaz Brall
Tue, 19 Sep 2017 12:50:24 PM
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Sohail Ahmed
Islamabad, Pakistan
All around the world, Muslims love to praise the greatness of Holy Prophet(PBUH). Any text or scripture written to praise Holy Prophet is called Naat. Reciting Naat Sharif is an art and the person who recites Naat is called Naat Khawan. Pakistan has produced many Naat Khawans in the past few years. Zikraynabi.com is a n amazing effort from our brother Gulraiz ahmed. May Allah bless him. Although I would like to request him to add more Naat Sharif in the website. Me and my mother love to listen Naats at this website because of its simple and easy to use design but most of the Naats are a decade old. I love these Naats but please add latest Naats of hafiz ahmed raza and khalid hussain etc. https://naatsharif.com has latest Naats but the design is not as good as of yours website.|


1 month ago