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  Islamic forum - Guidelines for Discussions - How to use this discussion forum?

Islamic Forum

How to use this discussion forum?
Website Admin
Lahore, Pakistan
Thu, 07 Jul 2016 12:30:24 PM
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Welcome to ZikrayNabi.com Discussion

Please use the following steps/rules to participate in discussion.

Step 1: Click on "Discussion Forum" link in top menu

Step 2: Click on any category to load discussion topics.

Step 3: Click on any topic you want to read.

Step 4: Click on "Comments" if you want to reply on it.

Step 5: You must be our member to reply or start any topic. Please create account on our website with 2 simple steps and participate in this useful talk. "Click here to create account"

Step 6: You can start any new topic by Clicking "Start New Topic". Admin will review your question to approve.

Ager ap ko abhi b sumaj nahi aya tu hum say contact keren at zikraynabi@gmail.com


Website Admin
Lahore, Pakistan
Thanks Mr Usman

8 months ago

Muhammad Usman
Lahore, Pakistan
Very nice Islamic platform for discussions. Jazakallah!

8 months ago

Sidra Ahsan
Dhaka, Bangladesh
OK. thanks

1 years ago


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